Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in beginning our screening process, you may find answers to many of the questions you have here. We do a thorough screening to determine if our Individualized Outpatient Program or Intensive Recovery Retreat are right for you. We want you to be successful!

How does your Individualized Outpatient Program (IOP) work? 

We offer individualized classes and topics utilizing our 12-Step Alternative Resources that you will review via video and directed readings each week. The following day you will have an interactive review session with an Addiction Recovery Counselor or Coach. The session will last approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Most video materials last an hour on average. The review session is to “strengthen and confirm” what you are learning and more specifically HOW to apply it to your recovery.  You will also have one individual counseling session per week (intensive) or every other week (supportive) via Video Conferencing. Random alcohol and drug  testing is done and documented at Any Lab Test Now locations for an additional fee if required.

Where are you located?

We are located in Houston, Texas. The five bedroom home allows for four guests at a time providing you with individualized attention.

How much does it cost?

The flat rate of $7,500 for a 30‐day intensive residential recovery retreat includes private room with shared bathroom, meals, and all materials, as well as aftercare services and a family workshop.

Will you take my insurance?

No. We choose not to take insurance in order to keep our costs low and our level of service high. This unburdens us from unnecessary paperwork and overhead costs. Quite frankly, your insurance company does not care whether you get help or not. They require an onerous amount of justification in order to pay for treatment. Our pricing structure is such that 30 days of intensive residential treatment at our facility is likely LESS THAN the deductible / co‐pay / out‐of‐pocket expense that would be incurred in a larger facility which could not even begin to give you the INDIVIDUAL attention and direction that you will receive in a PRIVATE ROOM with a 12‐Step Alternative Program offering multiple treatment modalities which simply isn’t available ANYWHERE ELSE!

An important note about Insurance and why it may be in your long‐term best interest to self‐pay: In order to use your insurance, current standards require that you must qualify for a diagnosis, which will become part of your medical record. Your privacy is very important, that diagnosis would contain SUBSTANCE USE DISORDER – SEVERE and a Global Area of Functioning Score (GAF) of 35 or less on a scale of 100 indicating “Serious problems with reality testing,” in order for you to qualify for intensive residential treatment at any facility. This would be shared with your insurance company. Also, be advised that your diagnosis will become part of your PERMANENT medical record, which can impact other aspects such as medical, disability, long‐term care or life insurance decisions.

What is the Schedule like?

Unlike many other programs that inundate you with material without time to process it, you will have time to internalize the material and practice using the tools and skills that you learn as you go. Mindfulness Meditation is a significant portion with three one hour sittings per day, individual directed assignments / readings / studies, as well as your one hour individual session constitute the bulk of the rest of the day’s activities. In the evening you may choose to participate in a cinematherapy session or do yoga, tai chi or other activities. Friday evenings are Access Breathwork Sessions designed to give you an opportunity to work with non-ordinary states of consciousness. A Family Workshop will be held on the Saturday before your scheduled departure if your family wishes to participate.  Weekly Schedule PDF
What is the food like?

A nutritious home cooked meal is prepared daily by our cook. It is nutritionally designed to promote neurological healing and cleansing. As a spiritual program we serve vegetarian entrees that would satisfy anyone. Emphasis is on FRESH seasonal fruits and vegetables (organic / locally grown when available). Good nutrition is an essential part of our definition of recovery. We also prepare superfood smoothies that are delicious and will further enhance your wellbeing. Additional supplements are also included at no extra cost.

Can I have visitors?

Your family / significant others may participate in the family workshop the Saturday before your scheduled departure. Otherwise, the recovery retreat is about having a spiritual experience and as such you are focused solely on your Self. The best thing I can do for my family is to take care of my Self so I can be there for them in the future.

Are cell phones allowed?

Cell phones are not permitted. Again, the purpose of the recovery retreat is to have a spiritual experience and requires intention and focus within. We suggest that you ask your family members and friends for permission not to call them so you can focus on your Self.

What about refunds?

There are absolutely NO REFUNDS once you have submitted your payment. Should you need to reschedule we may be able to work with you as space is available. It is our experience working with indigent clients as well as insurance funded clients that they essentially have “no skin in the game” so their motivation for change and willingness to go through the process is often compromised. Your own personal effort is the number one factor in whether you will stay sober or not. This is another advantage of self‐pay.

Do you provide detox?

We do not provide any medical detox services. If you are withdrawing from alcohol or benzodiazepines you need a medical detox as you are at HIGH RISK for serious medical complications, including death. We can refer you to a medical detox. If you are withdrawing from opiates, you may feel like you are going to die, but that is unlikely in most cases. We have seen numerous clients come into intensive residential treatment and get through opiate withdrawal and successfully complete the treatment. In this case it is up to you to decide. Stimulant users, cocaine and methamphetamine, may need significant rest which we can accommodate for up to three days. If that is the case you may wish to schedule additional days when you make your reservation.

What if I need more than 30 days?

We will work to accommodate guests who feel they need additional time by extending them when possible at a the standard daily rate of $250/day. Guests may also continue working with us on an outpatient basis to further consolidate and integrate what they have learned at our outpatient rate of $125/hour. If you know  at the time you are making your initial reservation that you need or want more time you may schedule it then to insure the space is available. In this field more time is better.

What about the 12-Steps?

Why would you pay for something that you can get FREE at any 12-Step meeting, anywhere in the world?  Even Tradition Eight of AA states that it should forever remain a non-professional organization. Oh, well.  Anytime we inadvertently read the Big Book we are reminded of how brilliant it is at describing the problem.  It also offers one solution. That solution may work for many people, but it doesn’t work for everyone for whatever reason. We never discourage client’s from participating in 12-Step Groups as they provide a built-in sober support network and instant sober friends. We think working the steps can be great ‘psychological hygiene,’ but this was just never a viable solution for us – not something we could see doing every day forever. We do not believe in “just for today” as it is focused on the problem (not using drugs or alcohol), rather than on the positive things I am going to do with my life (which just happen not to be compatible with using drugs or alcohol). Our solution provides this 12-Step Alternative direction.

What about transportation? Can I bring my car?

We do not have parking available for guests to bring a vehicle. If you are flying in to IAH or Hobby we will coordinate with you to pick you up at the airport at no charge. If you are local, a family member or friend may drop you off or we will pick you up and/or drop you off also at no charge.

What about Aftercare?

We start working on an aftercare plan for you on Day 1. You will begin weekly meetings with a Recovery Coach to fashion an aftercare plan that is viable for you and your lifestyle. We highly recommend sober living and can give you several referrals to choose from (we plan to open our own sober living in the future, because we believe it is that important). We provide an online Accountability & Commitment Group for all guests who successfully complete the program. We also will be in touch with you by phone on a weekly basis for the first 90 days after completion. You may contact us 24/7 via phone or e-mail for support. For guests who were working with a therapist before entering the program we will refer you back to your therapist and give them our recommendations for your aftercare plan. If you are local we provide individual aftercare sessions with an Addiction Recovery Counselor at the rate of $125/hour. Continuing Recovery Coaching sessions for the first year after completion are included with the initial cost of the retreat.

What about smoking?

The program at SIRIUS*RECOVERY is about wellness and that includes all aspects of your life, as such we are a non-smoking facility. Research shows that 80 percent of people who are in treatment would also like to quit smoking. Contrary to “conventional wisdom” that you may hear that it is too much to quit everything at once, you actually improve your chances of not relapsing by 25 percent off the top if you quit smoking while in rehab. There are several reasons for this: (1) you stop poking the part of your brain where drugs act (the mid-brain) with nicotine which allows your brain to heal and begin to reset its hedonic setpoint so the hypofrontality caused by substance use can correct itself over time; (2) you exercise your pre-frontal cortex by using the same circuits in your brain that you will need to use to quit using drugs and alcohol; and (3) you eliminate a trigger behavior that most addicts and alcoholics associate with using. (We also do not serve caffeine for the same reasons.) You will find it surprisingly easy to quit smoking when you are in a non-smoking environment (no smells, no one else smoking) and you are learning other tools to manage your anxiety. We have repeatedly seen clients who assess with Tobacco Use Disorder – Severe quit smoking “cold turkey” upon entering treatment. And by the way, cold turkey is the best way to quit according to the latest research. You deserve to be healthy.

What does my tax-deductible Contribution go towards?

All donations are directly used to provide full or partial scholarships for clients who demonstrate financial need, unless you specify that they be used for our capital campaign. You may also create an endowed scholarship bearing your name or the name of the individual, group, or organization that you wish to honor or recognize. Our goal is to help as many people as we can while making the greatest impact on the community.  Your contributions make that possible.

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do not offer a payment plan or financing. This would add a layer of management that would increase our direct costs which we wish to keep as affordable as possible. or third party financing options. We do bill using PayPal so if you qualify for PayPal Credit you can get 6-Months Interest Free financing through them.

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