You have landed at SIRIUS*RECOVERY and we believe there is a reason you found us! If you or a family member are struggling with an addiction or behavior that is limiting your health and happiness we think we have a unique perspective and process of recovery to offer you that can change your life for the better.

What is “recovery” anyway?
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (
SAMHSA) defines recovery as:

A process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.

Real recovery for us has very little do with “not using” drugs or alcohol.  We don’t believe “not using” works for many people.  The solution for us isn’t to “not use,” but rather to create a life for yourself where using simply doesn’t make sense. 
There are three parts to our 12-Step Alternative  process which alone won’t get or keep you sober, but together will provide the foundation and tools for a life of real recovery:

Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness Meditation As described by Dr. Dan Siegel to put you in touch with the sensations you feel in your body (we teach Vipassana). Each sensation is directly connected to an emotion. Emotions are a function of the mid-brain (limbic system) which coincidentally happens to be where drugs act in the brain. Mindfulness exercises and strengthens the executive functioning (choice) of your pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that gives you: Abstract thinking – Motivation for goal-directed activity – Planning and problem-solving – Attention to tasks – Inhibition of impulsive responses – Weighing consequences of future actions – Flexibility of responses – Reflective decision-making – Self-awareness. ALL of which you will need to be able to use if you are going to CHOOSE recovery. 



Emotional Processing & Emotion Management If only we had been taught this information and these skills in kindergarten! Karla McLaren’s work on the Language of Emotions is a priceless guide to learning what each of your emotions are asking you to do in the moment. ALL of your emotions are positive! For example, anger asks the questions: What needs to be protected? and What needs to be restored? Anxiety asks: What needs to get done? and keeps us from procrastinating (you thought anxiety was all bad?!!)  You will also learn a variation of Margaret Paul’s Inner Bonding process which will give you a method to deal with all the subconscious and past experiences from childhood that have gone unprocessed. Don’t feel bad, your brain didn’t even have the ability to process those feelings that you used to develop beliefs by association between the ages of 0 and 7. We will show you how! AND you will have the time and privacy to practice the process that other treatment centers don’t give you.

Life Purpose

Life Vision  / Life Purpose Finally, you will get an opportunity to develop your reason for being on the planet! Dr. Kevin McCauley tells us that the drug has taken the number one spot in your mid-brain’s survival hierarchy of Eat, Kill, Sex. The solution is to find something that is MORE emotionally meaningful than using the drug (or whatever your addictive behavior is). The work of Michael Beckwith, Michael Meade, Joseph Campbell, and many others will contribute to our conversations and your process of developing your own vision for your self and your life purpose.

That's It!

You may be thinking to yourself that with all the information we’ve just shared with you that you can do this yourself at home? Go for it! Our hope is for EVERYONE on the planet to have the tools and skills to live a happy, healthy life. We believe this information should be freely available for everyone which is why nothing we offer is copy written or trademarked – you are free to use anything, in any way you choose, make it your own and share with others. However, if you are a real addict or alcoholic (and by the way only 1 out of 10 people have addiction as a disease – most people can quit on their own and do so when they have negative consequences – that’s the difference), if your life has become unmanageable, if you are not happy with your ongoing attempts at sobriety, if you want to quit and have been unable to do so on your own, if you have tried 12-Step Programs or you don’t believe they will work for you for whatever reason, if you have been to other treatment centers that didn’t give you the results you wanted, if you are concerned about your privacy and confidentiality and don’t want your substance abuse treatment to become a permanent part of your medical record, or if you simply aren’t satisfied with the life you are living, SIRIUS*RECOVERY may be the solution you have been looking for.

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